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Gubanotto al miele 400g

€ 8,00
Weight: 400g
Description: Traditional Friulian cake containing nuts, honey, rum and vanilla wrapped in a moist dough
Shape: Type 0 flour, sugar, raisins, hazelnuts, eggs, soy oil, cubed orange peel, powdered milk, pine nuts, rum, acacia honey, yeast, butter, cocoa, salt, vanilla, lemon flavour
Ingredients: 400 g
Package: 1
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Comaro is certified IFS; Standard IFS (International Food Standard) is designed to facilitate the effective selection of suppliers of retail branded food, based on their ability to provide safe products, which conforms to contractual and legal requirements.


Comaro are analyzed at the laboratories Leochimica Ltd and Intertek to certify the quality, while organics honeys are certified by QCertificazioni Srl and all are GMO free.

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