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WORLD BEE DAY - 20 May 2021


This is not a random date!
In 2017, the United Nations General Assembly decided to establish this day on 20 May, the date of birth of Anton Janša, a Slovenian beekeeper and pioneer of modern beekeeping techniques.
The proposal to celebrate bees with an international holiday came from our Slovenian neighbour.

The aim?
To raise public awareness of the importance of bees, their immense contribution to the ecosystem and the countless threats they face on a daily basis.

Today more than ever we are witnessing a reality in crisis, in which the protection of bees and their preservation cannot be neglected!

Let us remember that
"they are not just bees, they are our future".

This year we at Comaro want to help them together with you!
With every purchase of honey in the shop you will receive a bee-friendly plant to create your own #beefriendly space
Our beekeeping colleagues who come to buy material will receive a free bag of protein candy to help our bees in this difficult period!

And with all online orders a bag of seeds ready to plant

Download the World Bee Day flyer here
and let's learn about them together!